Just One More Thing Hobby Lobby’s Micro Stik Can Do!

With a whole weekend to play around with the Micro Stik, Jason Cole had plenty of time to see just what this little flying marvel was capable of at the 2010 JR Indoor Flying Event, In fact, he was able to happen upon a trick that he hadn’t even tested while demonstrating at this event. Even though this plane’s climbing power and ability to perform nearly straight vertical take offs was enough to make this plane virtually sell itself, Jason still wanted to see if he could take it a step further.
When Jason first gave this new maneuver a try, he wasn’t even entirely sure it would work, but that never really stopped him from testing the limits of Hobby Lobby’s planes in the past. Apparently, the maneuver consisted of bringing the plane up to a pretty high level and then flying it in toward himself at the flight line. From here he decided to point the nose straight down at full power in a dive, not looking as though he would be able to pull out of it in time. At the last second, Jason would pull the plane out of the dive, inverted, and fly it around just above the ground upside-down for the spectators to see. The crowd was thoroughly impressed that this little plane had such power and maneuverability.

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