Just IN! Hobby Lobby’s Dago Red Racer, Voodoo, And The EPO F9F Panther

The wait is OVER! For those of you who have ordered yourselves one of Hobby Lobby‘s new jets, be sure to keep an eye on the mail. As of early morning on November 4th, the shipment of jets was unloaded from the trucks and will be finding its way to eager hobbyists as soon as they seal the boxes and put them in the mail.

The F9F Panther is a sure winner in the lineup of new jets that are being released with its super low price point of just $119.99. This R/C model jet assembles in about an hour, is made from super durable EPO foam, and looks as good as it flies!

The Dago Red Racer and Voodoo Sport Pylon Racer jets have been much anticipated since their debut at this year’s NEAT fair where Hobby Lobby experts put on fantastic demonstrations of their remarkable speed and great aerobatics. These jets have been said to be capable of reaching speeds of up to 130 mph! These awesome jets are only $199.99 and will probably sell as fast as they fly, so get yours today at Hobby Lobby.

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