It’s not just a building

The building that housed the operation of Hobby Lobby International Inc. for decades was dismantled this week.

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The building saw the evolution of radio controlled flight in the US from mostly fueled to electric flight. It was witness to the development of a stunning array of aircraft; some so small they would fit in your hand all the way up to planes so big you would swear they could safely carry a person… Or as some folks joked, maybe a pet!

After trackhoe

Over the years, customers, employees, and friends of the hobby have come together on the site to innovate and problem solve together. To share the ideas and challenges of a build. Sharing particularly clever solutions and the joy of showing off craftsmanship and details that look as good as the real thing! This built a community that cheered the successful maiden flights and gave a respectful distance for the gut-punch of unfortunate crashes. The building even supported the business name change to Hobby Express in 2013.  When we became Hobby Express, the reactions we received were an interesting mix of “You’re THE Hobby Lobby to me.” and “Well it’s about time!”.

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“RC pilot pilgrims” came from far away states. They had devoured catalogs, shopped the online store, and finally had a reason, or made one up, to come press open the doors to this iconic hobby haven. The hobbyists’ joyful determination to “visit there someday” made them grin with the accomplishment. This nearly weekly experience was both joyful and humbling, seeing the kid inside each of them peeking out through the eyes of an adult. These are people who honed their building and flying skills many miles away from the now disassembled building, but still knew they were part of this special community.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.37.05 AMThey were here to look around, to pay attention to the new and the well proven products all around the shop, looking at all the amazing models hanging from the ceiling. Some even shared that they liked the fact that in the retail store they could pay part of their purchases in cash to keep their habit off the credit card bill at home.  Balance is important in aircraft and relationships, after all.

We continue to develop the brands and traditions through taking care of the customer and serving to support our flying community. Innovation and tradition, balanced so we can share the fun!


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