It’s Simulator Time:

For a newbie in the world of R/C, simulator time is certainly a gift, especially since pressing the “reset” button is a lot easier than gluing a plane back together. I can’t help but laugh at myself these days, as I struggle with the different toggles and buttons. Unlike most of the population my age, I had actually taken pride in my tactical avoidance of video games.

So I’m staring at the computer screen, playing an amazingly fun game, and somewhat at a loss for how to think in it, or be in it. Changing perspective from ground pilot to cockpit mode is the hardest thing for me to conceptualize. Having not had a lot of experience with either perspective, I struggle with adapting quick enough to keep the plane in a continual state of control. I often get stuck in ground pilot mode, and forget that some of the controls now run contrary to what I would expect of them.

It’s one of the greatest frustrations I’m currently faced with, but also one of my favorite challenges. I’ve always enjoyed the process of any kind of mental mastery, and thrive from pushing my mind to adapt that much faster. So I fly a little, crash, and reset, enjoying every step I take that gets me that much closer to having a mastery of the plane.

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