Indoor Pylon Racing with Hobby Lobby’s Micro Stik

Let’s admit it…..rainy day and cold weather flying is a real drag.  Always in search of fun things to do when the weather turns bad, our little group of winter indoor flyers came up with a new idea.  We are lucky because our church allows us to use the indoor basketball court whenever other activities are not scheduled.

The Micro Stik is a perfect airplane, indoors or out, for small scale pylon racing.  We struggled with ideas on how to construct temporary (and cheap) pylons to race around inside the gym.

One day, one of our guys was at the local party supply store and came up with an easy and cheap way to construct our pylons.  All you need are two good size Mylar balloons filled with helium.  Our guys always buy the ones that are left over after holidays, as they are less expensive.  Next find a roll of gift wrap “paper” made of mylar….just like the helium balloon.  Cut 2” wide strips from the Mylar gift wrapping and use scotch tape to create a Mylar ribbon 2” wide and about 15 feet long.

Attach one end of the mylar ribbon to the balloon, and scotch tape the other end of the ribbon to the basketball court floor.  We use the free throw lines on each end of the court for spacing our pylons. In minutes you have 15 foot tall pylons that are perfect for indoor racing.

There’s nothing left to do now except start your engines! It’s easy to tell if someone cuts inside the pylons….. It’s even easier to tell if someone flies into one of the pylons.  Collisions with the Mylar ribbon will not damage the Micro Stik, but with the balloon floating above; the “pylon” will dance around a bit making it even more fun for your fellow pylon racers.

We have even tried this idea outdoors, and it works fine as long as the winds are very calm.

Have fun and keep racing!

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