In The Spektrum of R/C History

Here at Hobby Lobby, we use Spektrum receivers in almost all of the test planes out in the field. I have come to know Spektrum as a name brand I can trust. It can deliver the speed, response, and flexibility I need to perform at the professional level of R/C’ing we do here to insure our customers are getting the quality products they deserve.

In fact, the name, Spektrum, is a reference to the spectrum of radio frequencies. Some consider it to be the most revolutionary evolution in the R/C world when radios started using 2.4 GHz technology, the foundation of Spektrum products. It was this technology that overtook the standard 72 MHz technology.

72 MHz technology’s frequency security had been known and proven to be unreliable. For example, if you were out in a field of five or more R/C’ers you would need to check and make sure you were on your own channel if you wanted to avoid the potential of getting jammed up with someone else’s frequency, usually resulting in a crash.

Once the 2.4 GHz technology came out, the interference experienced with the 72 MHz had been virtually resolved. This technology offers the user a nice solid connection by searching for an open frequency and locking onto it, keeping other frequencies out and avoiding ones already in use.

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