How to Drop Kick a Helicopter

This article is more about drop kicking a specific helicopter, the Durable Micro Heli . You wouldn’t want to drop to kick a .90 size glow engine heli unless you wanted a trip to the hospital. With that in mind and borrowing from one of my favorite TV shows, Myth Busters, let me say this, do not attempt this at home, I’m what you call an “expert”.

I know there is a burning question in your mind after reading that first paragraph. Why on earth would he want to drop kick a helicopter? Well the answer is pretty simple. It’s called the Durable Micro Heli, and I wanted to see if it could live up to its name. Of course I was skeptical, when I got into flying electric powered helicopters the Ikarus Piccolo was THE helicopter to have. It was fantastic, we could actually fly indoors. The downside though, was that if you even thought about running into a wall or ceiling fan, or thick air, something was going to break. Calling a helicopter durable is like calling Dolly Parton slim…

So that leads me back to drop kicking this helicopter and the fundamentals of doing so. The first thing you want to do before participating in any physical activity like drop kicking is stretch. Limber up those arms, legs, and torso. Cardio is key, you don’t want to look like an idiot and cramp up after you’ve just drop kicked a helicopter right? Ok, now that you’re good and warmed up, you’ll want to visualize the kick in your head. Think about the rotors spinning and in slow motion, imagine yourself flying through the air Chuck Norris style, leg extended, and knocking that heli right out of the air. In real life it will be nothing like that, so now you know what not to expect.

On to the real deal. For my drop kick, I held the heli by the tail, made my best soccer pose, released and kicked it sky high. I expected parts to go flying everywhere, but it landed in one piece. I could not believe my eyes, if that would have been a Piccolo, there wouldn’t have been a piece left the size of a dime. I was truly stunned. This thing really is durable, and not only that, but it was able to fly around afterward like nothing happened.

Now, do I recommend that you actually go out and drop kick this helicopter? Absolutely not. Don’t blame me if you do and break something, we didn’t say indestructible, just durable. Will drop kicking this helicopter and still flying it put a huge smile on your face. You bet it will. Alright, it’s time for me to stretch some more. Go fly something, have some fun and remember, cardio is key.

Jason Cole

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  1. S. Lamb says:

    Hope your foot is okay!

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