How Do I Choose What Prop To Use If I Want To Modify My Model?

Generally, there is always some range of props that are appropriate for any particular motor. So, there is no easy answer to what props are the ones you would want to put on your plane if you are wanting to change.

One excellent first step a modeler could take is to take some measurements. Using a unit like Hobby Lobby’s Amp Meter, a modeler could do a test on their motor which could tell whether the prop being used is not maximizing the amount of power you could draw.

For example, say you were using a four cell battery with one particular prop and it is only drawing 25 amps on your amp meter. Maybe that isn’t as high a draw as it could be for the motor you are using and you want to get more power out of it. You might want to put on a prop that has a little more pitch or a larger diameter that could draw more power from your motor. However, if you choose too large a prop for the motor, then it will cause the motor to fry. This basically becomes a balancing act between voltage and amperage. The amount of electricity an electric motor demands depends on the load and the load is based on the propeller you choose. With Hobby Lobby’s Amp Meter, you can know exactly what is happening inside your aircraft so you will be able to fine tune your R/C to your needs. Get yours today!

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