Hobby Lobby’s After Thanksgiving: Jason’s Magic Wand Deals

It is that time of year again – the time where family’s sort through retail store ads to see what is available for this year’s “Black Friday” sales. Of course, Hobby Lobby is among the retailers involved in this nationwide discount day and is sure to have some excellent deals for shoppers looking for that “perfect gift”.

There are multiple levels to Hobby Lobby’s Day -After-Thanksgiving sale, so make sure you don’t miss out on all the deals they are lining up for you. This year, like years past, Hobby Lobby will be setting up a thread on RCGroups that will be hosted by Jason Cole. For deals you can’t even get on the website, be sure to be around and involved! Jason Cole has been granted the power to “wave a magic wand” and give certain people offers they can’t get anywhere else.

When you check out this year’s Hobby Lobby thread on RCGroups, you can expect to find discussion of items that will be currently on sale, along with having the opportunity to try to get information about product that could possibly be going on sale before they become available. Also, if you stick around and ask the right questions the right way and appear to be pretty involved in the thread, you might be able to talk Jason into waving the wand, making that specific deal happen for you!

That’s not all!! There will also be great give-aways where people involved in the thread have the opportunity to compete for the “golden thread” number. This is where Jason will post a number that has not been reached yet in the thread discussion and the person who posts that thread number will win a prize. Prizes have not yet been divulged, but there has been rumor of anything from servos and batteries to Micro Stiks being given away!

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