Hobby Lobby is Now, Mini Telemaster, Red Dragon Fly, Slash Truck

All you need in one box to get started in this hobby!

DragonflyThe Red Dragonfly is the best choice for the beginning flier. Made of durable EPO foam, the Red Dragonfly will take a lot of abuse and still fly well. Having sufficient power, good stability, and flexible control, the Red Dragonfly is capable of takeoffs from the ground or can be hand launched. It’s small configuration makes it suitable for flying in small areas. Check it out…

Blade Nano CPX RTF

Blade Nano CPX RTF
Flip, funnel or roll in any room of your house with the incredible Blade® Nano CP X. At just 29 grams (barely over an ounce), it’s the lightest flybarless CP heli in its class. At the center of its amazing abilities is the proven AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) Flybarless System that gives the Nano CP X its perfect balance of agility and stability. It’s unbelievably durable too, so you can fly aggressively without worrying about costly repairs. Check it out

Mini Telemaster Kit V2
Fun to build and great fun to fly—a great first kit

mini Telemaster Kit V2The new Mini Telemaster kit is a huge step forward in easy to build and fun to fly RC model airplanes. It has the great Telemaster heritage that means that it is an airplane that flies beautifully and with the precision of laser cutting it is an unsurpassed build experience. The kit includes all laser cut wing ribs and the forward portion of the fuselage including the firewall and battery tray. This is a perfect match to the eRCBL480S motor and the eRCE025 ESC and 2 of the eRCS800 servos. Flies for over 20 minutes with an 1800-2200mAh 2-cell pack. Check it out

Aileron Wing Expansion Kit for Mini Telemaster, Laser Cut
So you want to do aerobatics with your Mini Tele—here you go

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADesigned for those who want to increase the performance envelope of the Mini Telemaster (TEL1200), this laser cut kit is quick to build and strong. The chord and wingspan are the same as the regular wing but the dihedral is lower. Each kit comes complete with full size plans and photo-illustrated instructions and takes about 4-6 hours to assemble. Due to the CAD design and laser cutting the wing is precise and easy to build. Check it out

Slash Truck 2WDRTRw/2.4 GHz Red/Slve Body

Slash 2x2The Traxxas Slash Short-Course Race Truck puts you in the driver’s seat for intense fender-to-fender, high-flying off-road action. The full-scvale Short-Course Race Trucks embody the spirit of Traxxas R/C with their extreme 900+ horsepower racing engines full-throttle, dirt-roosting power slides, giant suspension travel, and Supercross-style big-air jumps. The Traxxas Slash brings all the action home so you can experience the high-speed head-to-head competition at the track or in your own backyard. The Traxxas Slash hangs it out for an all new way to challenge your driving skills. The 4-wheel independent suspension has been carefully tuned to replicate the Pro 2 driving and handling experience as closely as possible. Check it out

Hobby Lobby is Now Hobby Express
twitter_profile_picHobby Lobby International, a 50-year-old hobby store that sells radio control airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and more in-store, catalog and online, announces it will change its name to become Hobby Express and begin selling online at hobbyexpress.com. Read All About It

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