Hobby Lobby Does NEAT Aero-Tow

If you are familiar with an R/C “aero-tow”, then you can most likely understand the difficulty that goes into such a feat. Towing the glider that is tethered and weighing down on the tow plane is a straining and difficult task. The precision required of the pilot who is guiding the glider, trying to carefully avoid complications before reaching the release height, is no simple exercise either.  Having said this, Hobby Lobby is proud to have been able to bring a demo of this caliber to this year’s NEAT Fair… even if they were the only ones to do an aero-tow at the entire event.

The tow itself was conducted by Jason Cole, HLI’s media manager and R/C model plane expert. Kicking on an eight-foot version of HLI’s famous Telemaster, Jason proceeded to tow behind him a large scale vintage glider. He had reached about fifteen hundred feet before the pilot of the glider released from the Telemaster and continued its slow, graceful descent back down to the ground of the flying field. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. To get a look at Hobby Lobby’s selection of legendary Telemasters or premium sailplanes, go over and take a look at their new website!

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