Hobby Lobby: Demonstrating The Difference Between Model And Toy

The team that had been sent from Hobby Lobby to the Mid Tennessee Flying Association FunFly event consisted of Jason Cole and Larry Powell. With their R/C flying expertise and professional salesmanship, they came with the purpose of putting on impressive flight demonstrations with some of their new product, along with providing solid support to the booth that one of their distributors, PAC Hobbies, had been running.

This two-day event was held at Columbia Tennessee’s full scale airport where spectators could watch the planes perform impressive aerobatic tricks and feast their eyes on keen looking aircraft in the perfect setting amidst full scale planes taking off and landing in the background.

One demonstration that was held involving Hobby Lobby’s new Micro Stik was an attempt to show their ribbon combat ability. With a unique turn of fate, the two engaging aircraft had somehow managed to get wrapped up in each others’ ribbons and had to perform a coop landing before untangling them.

In addition to the Micro Stik demo, the HLI team had also brought their new Pylon Dago Red Racer to perform some skilled 3D flight. A participant at the event had brought a radar gun and the aircraft had been clocked at flying 118 MPH going up-wind! After hearing the planes recorded speed, the HLI team believes that going downwind in a dive could probably get you going at 130+ MPH. It is moments like that which truly separate models from toys!

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