Hobby Lobby’s Super Hornet And Apache Princess: The Buzz About our New Planes

Ever since we got in our new stock of Hobby Lobby’s new FA/18E Super Hornet and the upgraded version of the B25 Apache Princess, the phones have been on fire with customers wanting to get their hands on one. This didn’t hit us all at once, though. People had been calling for weeks, wanting to know when the Super Hornet was coming in. This was fueled by the release of the online article that talks about this unique jet and that it had actually been licensed by BOEING itself because of its accuracy to scale detail.

The Apache Princess, on the other hand, has just been a beast of a plane ever since it came to us, and now that it has been re-vamped to meet the needs of our consumers, it has become a huge hit all over again. We were lucky enough to have gotten in a shipment of the B25 about two weeks earlier than we had expected, so many of the eager customers who have been trying desperately to be patient have quite the pleasant surprise coming their way within the next day or so. All of the back orders have been shipped out on Wednesday, the 13th and Thursday, the 14th. So, if you were quick enough to make your orders early, by the time you read this you should have already tested yours out and made a person or two jealous by now.

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