Hobby Lobby’s Hot Seller

Hobby Lobby has finally released their new J5 for public purchase on their website! Come check out why so many people have already made pre-orders for this fantastic beginner aircraft!
Over all, this is a fantastic entry level plane that comes with the unique feature of having ailerons built in with servos and control rods already attached on the main wing. This transitional feature is a simple switch from 3 to 4 channels and should only take the user between ten and fifteen minutes to make the switch. It is an incredible deal for only $199.99 when you consider that most people had to buy an entirely new aircraft when they were ready to bump up to aileron flight.
This aircraft is perfect for clubs who want to train their new members how to fly. It moves back to a 3 channel plane to hand down to the next beginning flyer needing some flight time. Also, unlike many trainer planes, this Piper Cub looks great and has actual scale details. Make sure to make your pre-order quick before all these trainer planes make their way under other people’s Christmas trees!

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