Hobby Lobby’s eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF On “Fact Or Faked”

Those who enjoy the show Fact Or Faked were in for a treat when they watched the episode that covered the recreation of a UFO aircraft and featured Hobby Lobby’s eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF.

The “facts” behind this unique opportunity to have people get a little peek at the Eurofighter are that Mr. Walter Colby, an avid model enthusiast, gives a fantastic review of model planes that you might see at places like RCGroups. Apparently, he happened to live nearby to where the show is based and had a connection with the crew. When you watch the video you will notice that the host will look as though he is flying the jet after his co-worker hand-launches it. This is a bit of the “Faked”. The actual pilot was Walter Colby himself, doing some night flying.

The Eurofighter was Walter’s personal jet that he purchased, however he has been sent an F-18E so that he can post a video review for curious hobbyists to enjoy. Walter Colby has been contacted since and is expected to do many more reviews for Hobby Lobby products in the future.

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