Hobby Lobby’s 1/8 Scale PA-12: From The Runway To The Air

The PA-12 is quite well-behaved. With the balanced componenets being what they are, you can be assertive, throttle up, and keep rolling. Gently lift the plane’s tail, and then control lift off. With this plane, it’s not necessary to jump off the runway by jamming the throttle all the way forward. With the PA-12, there’s not much need for anticipation for rudder correction. What’s nice about the craft, is that as nice a takeoff as it provides, the landings are just as smooth. All you have to worry about is lining it up, and then simply let it glide onto the runway. Another noted feature is that the plance doesn’t show tendencies to stall in relation to power off.

Aside from the basics in flight, the PA-12 will also throw in some loops for you. Rolls, however, call for a dash of dueal rate and being overly generous with the down elevator once you get the craft upside down. With that, you’re also going to want to make sure you ahve enough altitude for mistakes when attempting the roll. If you find yourself in a stall with the craft, just remember to direct the nose down.

For getting the best loops with the PA-12, you’ll want to put the dual rate to high, and typically, you’ll find your loops to be large and round, with little to no variation.

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