HLI: Some Of The Progress Made In China

As Hobby Lobby’s team of industry and product experts traveled through China this past September, they had made a lot of exciting steps towards the future of the hobby. The results of their many discussions with their partner manufacturers turned up what is believed to be evidence of a great year in 2011 for the dealers they worked with – HLI as a company, and for the loyal fans of Hobby Lobby who have come to know and love their product.

The personal relationship between Hobby Lobby and all of their dealers has always been an important part of how HLI does business. This trip, like many others in the past, was conducted with the intention to work with the people they have a business relationship with so that they could ensure that the products Hobby Lobby has developed are being produced to their specified standards.

Discussions went well and some of the team even had a chance to have a bit of international fun and fly some of the current projects around. The team eventually made their way south after a few days in Shanghai to Schenzhen to meet with more associates about future products. The overall trip was both good and challenging on many levels due to the fact that even China has been feeling the hit on the global economy.

Hobby Lobby continues to work with their manufacturers at home and abroad. It is due to this hard work that they have managed to set a strong cadence with a well structured line of products that will be in production and due for release now, throughout 2011, and beyond.

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