HLI: Primary Sponsor At NEAT

Hobby Lobby makes every effort to contribute to and support a community of hobbyists that will carry them on to the next generation. This year at the Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology fair (A.K.A. NEAT Fair) they have once again proven this to be true by being the primary sponsor at the event.

HLI continued its tradition of the Famous Telemaster Prize Drop by releasing toy parachuters from a Telemaster.  The festivities included giving out prizes to the pilots (who were lucky enough get their hands on them), and continued with the donation of a ton of prizes for the raffle that took place this year. Throughout the event, items such as servos, gift certificates, and even entire R/C’s were being given out as prizes.

Hobby Lobby sent one of their popular Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale ARF planes as a main prize for this year’s raffle. Prior to the event, NEAT coordinators received the plane, assembled it, and test flew it. By doing this, they could present the prize to the winner and have them fly it on the spot.

NEAT is among the 3 largest electric air events in the country, so it only makes sense that the oldest hobby distributor in the industry be its main sponsor. People who are involved in the event can count on HLI to be there again for many years to come.

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