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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what is happening to the hobby industry as our world becomes more and more automated and jobs are shipped overseas? What about products that we purchase as a consumer-focused nation? Where are they coming from and where is our nation’s money going to if the things we buy are from everywhere else but here?

Hobby Lobby is a U.S. based distributor that continues to focus on the consumer values of the American society, while most of your other distributors will buy products directly from China and present them as if they’d designed and produced the products themselves. They will then generally just turn around and re-sell the product to the customer the way they received them from China.

Of course Hobby Lobby INTERNATIONAL does bring in some product from other countries around the world, however these manufacturers are held to the same standards that Hobby Lobby brings to any and all of their American manufacturers. Products are tested, modified, and suited to fit the criteria that HLI consumers expect when they purchase any one of the high quality products offered from Hobby Lobby. Even product that comes in from countries outside the U.S. can take upwards of six to eight months from the idea stage to the point where Hobby Lobby’s standards have determined that they are ready for distribution. Now, THAT’S dedication to the customer experience that makes Hobby Lobby stand out as a rose amongst thorns when compared to its competitors!

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