HLI NEAT Fair! Demos, Flight Premiers, and Sneak Peeks!!

We expect NEAT Fair 2010 to be another great display of aerial R/C, and Hobby Lobby promises to bring a lot of head turning products to feature in this year’s event.

This year, representatives of Hobby Lobby International (HLI) will include Jason Cole and Mike Hines.  Jason is Hobby Lobby’s  media manager and aerial R/C expert. Mike is the Senior Product Design lead for HLI. With these two bringing both talent AND expertise to the event (along with an arsenal of high tech R/C gear),  it’s bound to be quite a show.

Hobby Lobby has equipped these pilots with plenty of fresh, state of the art planes that are sure to turn some heads! Here are some things you can expect to see from  Hobby Lobby at the upcoming event:

  • New models from Pilot 1. This is HLI’s brand of golden age, civilian aircraft.
  • A new plane, the Wedell-Williams. This big ¼ scale model not only flies great, but with its Glimore Red Lion color scheme, it looks great too! This will be its first appearance with its new color and trim scheme.
  • NEW JETS. The F-86 and MIG 15 jets from Hobby-Lobby’s value line come with everything but a receiver – all priced at $119. You will also see the new FA-18E, performing amazing tricks with its thrust vectoring!

***In addition to all of these top performance models, Hobby Lobby will feature their Micro Stik, appearing in its first event ever! More than that, there is word of a jet that will be making its premier debut at NEAT Fair 2010 before it has even had a chance to make it to the website. If you want to be one of the first to see this brand new, specially designed aircraft, don’t miss this year’s NEAT Fair! You don’t want to miss your chance to see what Hobby Lobby has in store!***

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