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AXiPowerful motor replacement for SPEED 400 size airplanes
1.6 oz. weight, 1-3/32″ diameter, 1-1/32″ case length, 3.2mm (1/8″) shaft. Tiny high torque motors for 7 to 18 oz. airplanes and electric helicopters up to 18 oz.

Understanding AXI OUTRUNNERS
Each AXI motor has a 6 digit numbering system. For example: 220834. The first two numbers (22) represent the diameter of the stator (the fixed part in the middle of the motor) in millimeters. The second two numbers (08) represent the length of magnets (attached to the rotating case) in millimeters. The third set of two numbers (34) represents the number of wire winds, also called turns. Learn More Here

Kv (RPM/V)
2-3 LiPo
8-10 Nixx
12 Amp
7-18 oz.
eRC 12A Brushless Programmable ESC w/BEC

erc 12Compact (21x22x4mm) and light (13g) yet very capable programmable controller with 5V/1A BEC circuit. Suitable for use with 2-4 Lipo cells. Programmable functions are: Brake on/off (soft, mid or hard braking), Battery Type (LiPo, LiFe, NiCad, NiMh), Battery Cutoff Threshold (low, med, high), Motor Timing (2,8,15,22,30 degrees), Motor Rotation (forward/reverse), Soft Acceleration (low, med, high), Voltage Cutoff (reduce power/cut power). All functions can be programmed through your transmitter or much more quickly and easily with the eRC Electronic Programmer (ERCE02) sold separately. Comes pre-connected with 3.5mm bullet connectors and a Deans Ultra Plug and includes a matching set of male 3.5mm bullet connectors.

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