Giants Scale Aircraft

When you have decided to build yourself a larger scale airplanes there is technology at work that simply is not present with your smaller R/C planes. With the “OVERSIZED” aircraft, linkages can be made from stronger materials when constructing a plane that can handle more weight and has a larger fuselage cavity to work with.

Some of the stronger materials used in larger scale planes are fiberglass and aluminum. Today, we see the use of carbon fiber as well. With planes that require higher torque tolerances, being able to be more liberal when using materials like these can increase the amount of engineering creativity you can put into your aircraft. This can come in handy, particularly when considering different mods you want to make. Pilot 1 at Hobby Lobby offers a great variety of golden age, ARF aircraft that fall under this scale category. One of my favorite from this series is the PA-12 ¼.

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