From The Ground Up…. Where Drones are Headed.

amazon droneSAN FRANCISCO — CEO Jeff Bezos says that in the future, drones delivering packages will be as common as mail trucks.

For many “drones”, octocopters or quads are already making deliveries in the form of a paycheck.

Realtors, wedding photographers, movie producers, and even farmers are using them as a business tool every day. For drone entrepreneurs, they are currently flying a goldmine.
“There will be a whole economy around it, with entrepreneurs creating technology for specific types of customers,” says Chris Dixon, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

“The potential is huge, and thousands of people are already flying them around the U.S. making money…” says Patrick Egan, a drone consultant.

Right now, there are no FAA regulations for unmanned “drones”, but the FAA plans to have regulations in place for small octocopters and quads by the end of 2014, and for commercial craft, in 2015.

For now, the field is wide open and what an awesome way to earn a living!!

But, where does someone get an octocopter or quad?

hexHobby Lobby International (HLI) has been custom building octocopters and quads for some time now.
The HLI octocopter building team brings the experience, expertise, and practical knowledge that no other company can match.
From small scale photography quads to giant heavy lift octocopters, the HLI team can build it, using the highest quality parts from DJI Naza, Cinestar, Freefly, Droidworks, and eRC on all builds.

If you’re ready to add the right tool for your business contact Hobby Lobby Today!!
866-512-1444 or Email Us

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