From Simulator to Sky

I know a lot of people who have had some time to play on their buddy’s simulator and they are now itching to get their own first starter plane. Hobby Lobby happens to carry some great options for those folks that have never actually flown a real model airplane But are looking to move from simulator to real model plane flying For someone who has never handled a live R/C flight, there are three planes I would steer them towards. The first would probably be Hobby Lobby’s EasyStar RTF Electric Parkflyer. This is a nice little three-channel plane that can withstand quite a beating. Pilots can literally snap the fuselage or wing in half, glue it back on, and in five minutes be flying it again.

Two of the others would be the Mini Super Cub RTF or Super Cub LP. These two have anti-crash technology. This is accomplished by the built-in gyro system that syncs itself shortly after you plug in the battery pack. You do, however, want to make sure you set it down on a flat surface as soon as possible after installing the battery pack. This allows the gyro to establish its reference attitude while powering up. These settings are used during crash-avoidance/recovery maneuvers.

With the anti-crash technology installed, your plane will auto-correct itself out of “crash potential” situations like flipping upside-down or failing to pull out of a nose dive. With a starter plane like one of these, you are sure to gain experience quickly without having to pay out the nose for a heap of broken parts.

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