Franken-Plane’s Demise!

Although I had made it completely out of spare parts, it was still sad to see my Franken-plane go down in flames. It’s the price you pay when you are really trying to push your capabilities to the edge by doing risky 3D flying style moves, I suppose.

My Franken-Plane met its fate while I was practicing a maneuver called a rolling harrier. To do a trick like this, you have to put your plane into a really extreme nose-high angle of attack (harrier flight). Once you have put it into harrier flight, you need to give the receiver the right inputs to be able to keep that angle while moving forward and rolling in a circle.

To do something like this takes a lot of skill and balance. You pretty much have to fully utilize both your aileron and rudder inputs, balance those with your elevator and throttle. All the while, you are working your elevator back and forth between up and down as your plane does the circular rotation which is your roll.

When I was in the middle of trying to finesse this move, a buddy of mine was saying something that was just enough to distract me and I ended up pushing down-elevator when I should have pushed the up-elevator. I promptly crashed it into the ground.

Before my Franken-Plane was no more, it actually handled a lot like Hobby Lobby’s Uzi XXL. The Uzi is a fairly inexpensive foamy bi-plane that is highly aerobatic. I would say these two planes had quite a bit in common as far as flight performance but it’s no surprise that the Uzi happens to be the smaller, more impressive looking version of the two.

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