Franken-Plane!! (Or Parts-is-parts)

By far, the most successful modification, not to mention my overall favorite mod, would have to be a plane I built doing what we call “KIT Bashing”. Kit Bashing is where you have parts and pieces that you put together from two or more airplane kits and try to invent a plane.

What I did  was take a couple of wings from an Extra 330 I had and   a fuselage from my old MK Magic I pretty much ended up turning it from a mono-plane to a bi-plane. While it wasn’t that pretty to look at with mismatched color themes, it definitely had that Frankenstein feel to it. :) It did fly.

Even though it was probably the ugliest plane I had ever flown, it was actually a GREAT flying plane. I seriously had a blast with it!

Because it was now a bi-plane, the slow flight capabilities were increased a lot! The wing area was greater so it was able to float more and overall it was more draggy. But, because I had also used 3D components, it was super aerobatic! It was capable of lots of different tricks. I could hover it, harrier it, and even do roll and harrier circles.

I have kit-bashed plenty of times before and since that plane. I have seen a lot of my buddies do it over the years. Almost none of them turn out very well, but that one sure DID!

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