Flight of the Daddy-Craft

I was relieved that my father and I had finally been able to tune the CHAMP in order to facilitate smooth and controlled flight. Needless to say, as soon as we accomplished that, our joy of flying was taken to a whole new level. I just couldn’t get enough! Unfortunately, however, the batter told me it had had enough. So, back into the charger it went, leaving Dad and I with nothing left but to stare at each other. Just kidding. No, we didn’t let that stop us. Dad and I started talking about conceptualizing the plane in the air, and how I would respond to different attitudes of the airplane. He handed me the controller, and told me to move the sticks the same way I would to correct a plane in the air. What plane were we using? The Daddy-Craft. Dad stretched out his arms in flight position, and tilted them, simulating different imaginary turns and wind gusts. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that accurate because he couldn’t really see how much I was moving the sticks on the controller.

So, now it was my turn to really join in on the fun. I put the controller down and gave him two thumbs up. The left thumb represented the throttle control, while the right represented the aileron and elevator controls. With my thumbs poised, we ran through a few scenarios of take-offs and in-flight control. He wanted to demonstrate more of a twisting of the plane and I found it hard to conceptualize. Trying another approach, he picked the little plane back up and started “flying” the plane in response to my thumb controls. Two young boys ended up coming over and watching all this ridiculousness and loving every minute of it. The battery hadn’t finished charging, but we were running out of daylight, so we ripped the battery from the charger and indulged in a few more flights for the day. Though I have to admit it, my favorite flights were those of the Daddy-Craft. =D

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