Finding a Balance for the Twin Telemaster

While we were designing the Twin Telemaster, one of our primary concerns was making sure that the balance of the plane would be perfect. This was especially tricky because not only does the plane have to be accurately balanced when flying it for fun, but it also needs to be able to carry a wide variety of possible instrumentation and it will likely need to be re balanced before take off. After much planning and testing, we added a new feature you are sure to love.

Twin CG Hanger

The Challenge

The problem with designing a Twin aircraft that features an instrumentation package carrier “open fuselage” plan is the variable of weight distribution that can’t be predicted. We needed to find a way that you can put any instrumentation you want to into the nose or along the interior of the plane and ensure proper center of gravity at liftoff.

The Solution

We have designed in a pre-flight balance check that can be done at the flying field to ensure proper balance. This check allows you to make sure the configuration of your instruments, batteries, ballast, and cameras is correct prior to leaving the ground, protecting both the plane and the equipment on board.

How it Works

We added a hard-mount positioned perfectly over the center of gravity, above the wing in the middle of the fuselage. When you hang the aircraft from this mount, preflight, you are able to check both the lateral balance and the fore – aft balance of the aircraft, to avoid heavy tail final flights!

Hanging the Aircraft

An added benefit to the hard-mount balance point is that is also acts as a great way to hang your RC aircraft when it is not in use. No longer struggle with how you are going to store your aircraft because this hook allows you to suspend it from the ceiling, out of the way but still proudly on display.

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  1. James Adolf says:

    I plan to use round cowls on mine

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