Filming a World Class Motocross Event from the Air

Once a year the quaint little town of Hurricane Mills TN explodes with excitement and thunder as the top amateur motocross riders from across the country converge at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. It is the 31st Annual Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. That’s a lot a words to say that this is the premier event for this class and where the racers let it all hang out in the hopes of becoming a future racing star.

Hobby Lobby is just about an hour and half away from this epic event and I just had to see it in person. Of course I brought my camera as well as my trusty custom hexacopter with the hopes to be allowed to fly and capture some footage from the unique vantage point that only a copter can provide.

When I showed up, I was blown away. This event is huge!!! There were people everywhere and a sea of campers and bikes. All the big name sponsors were there too like Red Bull, GoPro, Honda, Yamaha, Traxxas, and many others. Parking was insane and I ended up having to walk quite a ways. I was prepared for this and had all my gear packed concisely so I didn’t need a 3rd or 4th hand to carry everything.

This first thing I noticed was that these copters look cool whether you know what it is or not. I could barely walk a few feet before someone was stopping to ask what it was. I got to introduce a lot of people to the hobby this day. I scoped out some places to take off from and my concerns here were threefold. One, I didn’t want to take off on the dusty roads and get dirt all over my camera and copter. Two, I wanted to be well clear of bystanders for safety and three, there were cables and lines running along the perimeter that I needed to avoid. There seemed to be a golf cart for every person in attendance, so that solved a couple of problems right there. It was easy to find an unattended cart and use its roof to take off from avoiding both people and the dust. Avoiding the lines came down to sheer pilot ability and depth perception.

It took a couple of passes to get used to how fast the guys were moving and the first flight I just worked on a couple of pans and angles at different altitudes. I made four flights in all for a little over 20 minutes worth of filming from various locations around the track. Everyone who saw it fly was amazed and wanted to know more about it. I gave them the HobbyLobbyRC YouTube channel name and told them I would be posting the video within a week.

It’s not often you get the chance to capture footage for an event like this. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to another awesome filming adventure coming soon. I hope you enjoy the video below mixed in with some ground footage I shot as well.

Have Fun!
Jason Cole
Hobby Lobby

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