Feeding Kids Candy from 200ft!

Once or twice a year the fine folks from the Nashville area Metro Parks department hosts an aviation day at our home field called Edwin Warner Park. The idea is to bring a group of about 60 or so kids out to the field to learn about aviation. The local club participates with lots of members coming out with all kinds of aircraft. They do a basic explanation about how planes fly and then we all take to the skies. If your not flying you can really see how the kids faces light up to the action. Jason Cole and Mike Hines from Hobby Lobby bring the giant 12′ Telemaster ARF to the field and offer rides to the kids, well, not really. What really happens is the Telemaster is loaded up with pounds of candy at a time and flown over the runway. The switch is triggered which opens the bomb bay doors and releases a rain of sweet sugury goodness. The kids blast out to runway to grab as much of it off the runway as they can hold. Hobby Lobby has been hosting candy drops for many years at various flying events across the country. It is always a great success, we’ll except for that one time at at the South East Electric Flight Festival in Georgia where Mike hit the switch way way way out in the field. The kids had to run for what seemed like a mile to get the candy. They sure worked for it that time. Anyway, if you are interested in hosting a candy drop for your club event, Hobby Lobby’s 12′ Telemaster ARF and Senior Telemaster Plus are the perfect planes to carry your candy aloft. Then you too could say that you feed kids from 200ft!

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  1. RobHob says:

    Excellent idea for getting the kids interested. Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

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