F35 Lightning Is Back In Stock!

Hobby Lobby’s F-35 Lightning II has been a top-of–the-charts seller ever since it was released. To someone who is just reading the specs of the jet, they might not quite understand why this has been such a huge hit, but for anyone who has flown it and have compared it to other R/C jets in its class, they could tell you exactly what has made this a go-to jet for hobbyists who are first entering the realm of vectored thrust flight.

This Navy jet comes with 70mm fans and full 360 degree thrust vectoring for the highly aerobatics flight maneuvers you have been working up to. It has a top speed of about 65 mph and depending on how you fly, it can run for a five minute flight on the standard battery pack. One of the biggest reasons the F-35 handles so well for first time vectored thrust pilots is because of the ease of its ability to pull out of hairy flying situations you might encounter. It may not be the lightest of Hobby Lobby’s jets, but pilots have said more than once that it sure feels like it is. You can find yourself in a flat spin and lose very little altitude in the process. If you feel like you are ready to start trying your hand at vectored thrust flight, order your F-35 Lightning today! You better hurry, because these planes are hard to keep in stock!

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