eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF

As an unmatched swing-role or multi-role combat aircraft, the Eurofighter Typhoon is recognized as one of the most advanced aircraft, especially considering its penetration in the worldwide market.

While able to provide an exceptional range of operational capabilities, it also delivers unmatched fleet effectiveness. Hobby Lobby chose this as a remarkable and well respected aircraft, it’s no wonder that this plane is featured as an R/C aircraft by Hobby Lobby.

The Eurofighter In Action

The eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF takes only a few hours to assemble, and most of the work has already been done for you. The step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions walk you through the build process with ease, and also guide you through the programming of a 7-channel Spektrum radio. All control throw settings are clearly shown as well as standard CG information.

Eleven pre-installed 9-gram servos are to soften landing impact, retracts include scale-like aluminum struts with suspension. What really adds to the appearance, both on the flight line as well as in the air, are the 7 pre-installed LEDs. With your eRC Eurofighter, you will experience steadfast performance, as well as the thrill of having an aircraft that can keep up with almost any maneuvers an enthusiastic hobby fanatic can throw at it. When your experiencing the 360 degree thrust vectoring that comes with this jet, your experiencing TOTAL control!

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