David Whitley On The Customer Experience of The Micro Stik

Ever since Hobby Lobby released the new Micro Stik, customers have been picking them up nearly as soon as they hit the shipping dock. When Hobby Lobby got in their first shipment, Neal, Hobby Lobby’s helicopter expert and store manager, took one out of the box and literally started flying it right there in the retail store. When customers got a chance to witness these little planes and their remarkable flight capability, they were very impressed.

Our store received a shipment of around six hundred Micro Stik planes and more than a hundred and fifty went out immediately just from the pre-sales that our customers had made online. That was more than a quarter of the first total shipment that had been purchased before our first customer had taken one out of the box.

One of our local hobby shops had six of them delivered and the manager of the shop had taken them out to a flying field to see what they could do. After a short demonstration, he had sold four of them right there on the spot. The raucous and enthusiastic reaction to the debut of the Micro Stik at the Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair (NEAT Fair) should be enough to inspire you to grab one. But, the way the customers are reacting to them is remarkable, even before they were ever released.

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