Come to Hobby Lobby to see the trains

At the Hobby Lobby Headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee, we get to enjoy trains every day, several times a day… It’s the real thing – massive and long, typically CSX trains filled with freight bound for nearby Radner Yard that are rolling by.  It’s fun to imagine many of the containers they carry are bound for Hobby Lobby and filled with Telemasters we’ve designed.  There are two tracks running side by side and with an occasional blast from the train engineer pulling the horn, people watching get a thrill.

Come discover the original platform, a “train viewing station” here on the property that give customers a unique opportunity to observe this spectacle.   The thunder and majesty of a passing train is exciting.  I find it particularly heart warming when I see grandpa, or dad and the kids eating a packed lunch awaiting the rumble of that next train.  This is your invitation to come check it out.  It’s the best place in middle Tennessee to watch trains, and it is waiting for you to enjoy.

I just wish there was still a caboose to see.

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