Choosing Your Spot in the Field

Picking the field you go to for flying can be just as significant as the kind of day you want to go out in for flying. You wouldn’t take your sailplane out in unpredictable weather conditions where you might wind up losing the aircraft all together. The same can go for the type of field you choose.

I know that I personally have a few different fields that I like to do the majority of my flying in, depending on the day and what kind of plane I am taking out. Each field I go to has a special characteristic that I am drawn to for each type of flying I like to do.

When I feel like going out and soaring with my sailplanes, I enjoy going to a field called Middle Point R/C Field. Some things that make this field unique to soaring are that it is nice and open, and it happens to have a big trash dump next to it. The trash tends to draw a lot of buzzards that can educate the people flying there as to where the lifts are.

If I am flying an ordinary sport plane, I like to go to a different field that has some nice shade cover just adjacent to it. When I am done with a long day of flying, I can go over and sit in the shade while I tinker around with my airplane.

Wherever you choose to fly is up to you, but some proper planning can really be what makes your flying experience worth the drive.

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