Cheap Batteries: Do You Get What You Pay For?

There has been a lot of discussion and debate on whether or not you get what you pay for when you buy cheap batteries for your R/C plane, boat, or car. Having heard both sides of the argument, I took the opportunity to sit down and talk with Russ Holst, owner of Coyote Hobby and a longtime fan of Hobby Lobby. According to Russ, there have been times where he has found that the cheaper China-made batteries can’t perform to the amps claimed on the battery itself. “If you have a 30 Amp and run it at 20 Amps, you’ll probably get the battery’s true performance out of it,” Said Russ.

He was cautious when asked if China-made batteries are typically poor quality. In his opinion, cheaper batteries aren’t always bad, but you’re still taking a risk. If you buy three cheaper batteries so that you can get one that works the way the manufacturer claims it will, then you haven’t really saved anything.

Russ did an excellent job clearing the waters on this topic by concluding with this statement: “Now, when you buy yourself Thunder Power batteries from Hobby Lobby, you know what you are getting every time. Given the unlikely event that you would get a defective one, those batteries come with a warranty. Now THAT’S something you just can’t get when you lower your standards to a cheaper battery pack.”

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