Burning it up with Parkzone’s T-28 Trojan and HLI’s Eurofighter!

Jason Cole has made many modifications to scale aircraft to enhance the night flying experience. He watched this genre grow from what some thought was just a phase to the thrilling spectacle it is today. In fact, Jason had been one of the first to string up glow wire to his models before it started becoming popular among those who participate in this kind of flying. As he attended the event at Oshkosh this last July, he witnessed something that really caught his attention and piqued his interest.

He took this new inspiration, coupled it with a few tricks he had collected over years of night flying experience with HLI’s Midnightflyer club, and worked on a demonstration idea for this year’s NEAT fair. Attendants of NEAT were in for a surprise when HLI’s rep.’s brought their Parkzone T-28 Trojan and their Eurofighter to the flight line for some action packed night flying.

Mike Hines lit the sparklers that had been attached to the aircraft’s tail section and they took off. It was an amazing display as a colorful shower of light filled the skies behind these expertly piloted aircraft. The crowd loved it and cheered as the models circled overhead. It was, without question, the hit of the night at NEAT 2010. Jason plans to do even more work with fireworks for next year as soon as he understands the fine line of the law that surrounds R/C aircraft and firing things from them. Stay tuned.

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