Budding Female Pilot

With a passion for people and a fresh interest for the hobby, Kira Cleveland set out to attend her very first R/C flying event. Having family members in the hobby, Kira has had a growing curiosity about the industry, and the models themselves.

This twenty-two year old woman from Philomath, Oregon had never witnessed a true model aircraft fly, but decided if she were going to see them in action she wanted to understand a little bit about how they flew and what it was like to control one. With this in mind, Kira grabbed a laptop and a flight simulator. She was determined that by the time she arrived at the R/C flying event, she would at least have a rudimentary feel for how some of these aircraft handled.

It was about an hour and a half drive to the flying field and Kira had started getting excited about the fact that she had actually landed the virtual aircraft without crashing during her first simulator session. Everyone in the car was pretty impressed, considering the fact that she had never even touched the simulator controls before that drive. Although this was her first experience, her success in the simulator, fueled by each little victory, had created a new found interest in flying that she hadn’t expected.

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