Becoming An Ace

If you have reached the point of mastery with your 4-channel R/C aircraft, then you most likely already have your eyes on something much more aerobatic and possibly even capable of 3D flight. This is the stage of your R/C experience where legends are made. Of course, this is also the stage where even the crashes have been known to be legendary. This being said, when you reach a point where you are wanting to perform the higher skilled maneuvers like snap rolls, waterfalls, you will want to do yourself the huge favor of putting in the time to master these maneuvers on your simulator before giving it a true field test. You’re in the big leagues now and mistakes and equipment replacement costs can rack up quickly.

At this point, it is much more likely that you will be going at a speed that leaves your plane in worse shape than crashes you have experienced with your earlier R/C models. Luckily Hobby Lobby has a great line of products that are relatively inexpensive. Also, you might want to try out learning your more extreme aerobatics with one of Hobby Lobby’s YAK 55. This will give you a great way to experience some real live action and practice while not breaking your bank. You’ll also find that these little jets can be flown over softer fields and withstand a huge amount of rough treatment without being put out of commission.

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