B25 Apache Princess: From History to R/C Assembly

The North American B-25 Mitchell was originally used by the Allied forces in World War II and later by multiple air forces around the world as much as four decades after the war had ended. The aircraft was an American made medium bomber with twin engines and built by North American Aviation . This aircraft was named after General Billy Mitchell to honor him as a great pioneer in aviation for the United States. The B-25 is the only plane in all U.S. history to be named after any one person.

Hobby Lobby has taken this small piece of history and made it available for all hobbyists by distributing the B-25 Apache Princess! She is a powerful example of the B-25 Mitchell and represents a wonderful scale replica of one of these great historic warbirds.

From the major components down to the wiring itself, Hobby Lobby’s B25 Apache Princess comes mostly pre-assembled from the factory. The instructions that come with this ARF are so well defined and detailed that even if this is your first ARF aircraft, you will find your way around in a matter of a few hours, at most. In fact, hobbyists have been known to assemble the B25 on an average of less than two hours with relative ease. This is just another example of the lengths that Hobby Lobby goes to with their product to make it THAT much easier to get people in the air and keep them there.

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