Another Day In The Repair Shop

We’ve developed quite the little repair corner at our house, along with a nifty box of fix it necessities. My dad and I make a great team, him with a love of solving problems for the repairs, and my gift for slowly destroying the plane and continually challenging him. We both love our roles. After this last flight we had to glue the top of the rudder back onto its other half, and followed it up with a lamination to make sure it didn’t remain a weak spot on the plane.

Dad and I were thoroughly pleased with the repair, and started admiring the little CHAMP. It was then, that we noticed the propeller prop was loosening. Wanting to get a better idea of what was going on, I removed the top fuselage. It turned out that the Styrofoam of the planes’ nose had started to weaken and buckle after its many nose dives. Looking around the house, we found a couple of different kinds of stray Styrofoam that we thought we’d strategically place in the nose to help reinforce those weakened areas. The first Styrofoam was a low density material and wouldn’t take my abuse well. Luckily, we found another Styrofoam that was high density and all around perfect. So we cut out some pieces and had some fun with the glue. I can’t wait to get it back into the air and see if counter weight near the tail is going to have to be added after our repairs. Stay tuned!

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