An R/C Testimonial from a Hobby Lobby Fan

A good friend of mine and a fan of Hobby lobby had e-mailed me recently and talked to me a bit about how the hobby had effected him in a truly positive way during a troubling time in his life. Keeping his name anonymous out of respect, I still felt it was important to share a piece of this man’s story as a bit of inspiration for hobbyists everywhere:

“I’ve been a real estate broker for almost 40 years now. Back in the early 80′s, the market was much like it is today. Very difficult to make a living, lots of foreclosures, lots of houses for sale that wouldn’t sell and lots of buyers who wanted to buy a house but didn’t have any money. The result was that agents like me were going broke.

At the time, I had a nice house, wife and two little kids with payments on everything. Seemed like everything I touched turned to mush on me. Couldn’t seem to do a thing right. In some desperation, one day I kind of snapped. I went to the Coin Corner, a little hobby store in Oregon City and bought a Zeus, essentially a Thermic 100″. Didn’t like their radios though, they were too expensive so I went to Strictly R/C in Multnomah, Southwest Portland, and for $89.99 bought a Hobby Shack 2 channel radio. Maxed out my visa. Went home and started building.

There were trials and tribulations getting it built and in the air but that activity changed my attitude. By diverting my attention away from the real estate business into something that I truly enjoyed, I was able to start thinking better about my business. Really re-energized me for my work. An additional part of that process was meeting other glider/sailplane people who introduced me to slope flying. There wasn’t much slope flying going on in the NW at the time but for hang gliders. We started traveling around on weekends looking for places to fly and found a number of good ones. Then on my own I’d take off on weekday afternoons and go looking on my own. Again, it was great to get some distance from my business so that when I came back to it, I could truly focus on it. Worked wonders for me.”

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