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With my new found partnership with my plane controller and the added inspiration to continue practicing flying, I find myself increasingly eager to get out there. In a way, I’ve proven to myself that the first great flight experience wasn’t a fluke. One thing I’ve learned, and grateful for having learned, is that while most of the flight depends on the skills of the pilot, the other piece is how well the pilot utilizes her electronics. It’s amazing how different a flight can go when you do or do not choose to take advantage of the controller settings.

Another opportunity to better my skills came about and of course I took it. Off to the park I went with my boyfriend for another flying adventure. The plane took to the air and started off fairly graceful as well. I had a moment of confusion though, when the plane seemed to have adopted its old stubborn behavior again. After a moment of just sensing my surroundings, I realized that the wind had started picking up, which was causing the CHAMP to stall and struggle to respond. I was excited for the challenge. I let myself stay calm and study the plane as the wind played with it. I focused on small, deliberate movements with the aileron and elevator, and glowed with excitement as I was able to keep up with the wind and still maintain a mostly steady flight with my little craft. You’ve got to love seeing improvement!

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