A Girl Not Afraid

Arriving at the airfield for the “Cub Nuts” R/C flying event, Kira demonstrated her comfort with these nice people, socializing with the local hobbyists who were participating. She now had a few things she could talk about and pressed for answers regarding the skills with which she’d struggled with on the simulator.

Kira questioned the modelers about things like “What would you say are good tricks to landing an aircraft smoothly?”, “How high would I have to be to safely do a full loop with this plane?”, or “What is the plane you were able to learn the most on?” After having a chance to talk to her a bit, the R/C addicts couldn’t seem to wait to be the ones to create an opportunity for her to fly one of the aircraft they had brought for the event. The enthusiasm was contagious!

As she was going around and visiting with some of the other pilots, Jim Riggle, one of the participants at the event, quickly went about setting up a buddy box so that she could fly for the first time right there at the event. Kira was happily surprised by the gesture. She was having fun talking and learning about the aircraft and seeing them do amazing maneuvers on a beautiful day. She never thought she would play a simulator, go to an event, see R/C planes fly, stand on the flight line with a hot radio in hand and an R/C Cub flying under her control all for the first time…in the same day!

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