Warehouse Drifting

So to follow up on my Slash body mount video…I took the same camera using velcro stuck it to the roof of my body and angled the lens to catch just a little of the hood, then went drifting!

We have used the FlyCamOneHD camera on one of my on road carpet race cars and the car is set up to stiff so the camera is to shaky. But, if you loosen up the suspension it should work fine. Then you mess with the set up of the car so it could handle differently.

Any ideas on videos you want to see? Feel free to let me know.

Chris Wampler
Hobby Lobby Retail Store

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  1. rcspeedo says:

    Hey Hobby Lobby Team!
    Is there a good way to get ahold of you guys? A friend and I made an RC speedometer app you guys might enjoy (called RCSpeedo), and we would love to give you guys some free promo codes if you were interested in testing it out and seeing what you think. The app turns your smartphone into a mobile speedometer for EDFs, pylon racers, pushers, and other hi-speed RC places. It also can export recorded speeds for later review. Let me know! Would love to hear from you guys and see what you think!

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