The New Buddy System

For a long time, people who were pretty new to scale racing came out for some of the events and competitions and would get burnt out really quickly (at least around Brentwood, Tennessee). Around here, you have some of the best competitors for scale racing in the country, yet many of the people just getting into the hobby felt so outclassed by the fanatics that they would come to one competition and never show up again.

One of the unique features to the scale rigging is the need to have a run recovery person who can be there in case your rig rolls over. This is required because you are not allowed to go out and right or flip your vehicle, the person who partnered up with you for your run of the “track” has to do a scale recovery. He has to use things like tow straps and other equipment to get your rig back up.

This hasn’t really been a “team” as much as it is a feature that can earn extra points in the competition for the person recovering your flip. It is starting to evolve a bit, though. Now they are encouraging specified paired teams at events. This helps add an extra layer to the social aspect of it. Now beginners have a chance to learn at a more cooperative level, making it easier and more interesting. Thanks to this new buddy system, events have grown much more popular with the newer crowd, getting better cooperation and participation rather than just watching the big dogs duke it out.

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