New & Improved R/C Race Track at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby R/C Race Track

Bobby Wright (left) & Wes Taylor (right)

We recently unveiled our new and improved outdoor racing track! Fellow RC enthusiasts and friends of Hobby Lobby, Wes Taylor and Bobby Wright, added several upgrades to the already exciting track including plenty of new twists and turns and a much more sturdy retaining wall. Wes, Bobby, and even Hobby Lobby’s Mark Cleveland made sure the track was ready to go for our next race party.

“The owner, Mark Cleveland, a friend of mine, approached me about coming up with some different strategies to build a world-class race course. My background is in development and construction and I currently act as a consultant/advocate for property owners when it comes to projects, processes, and materials.
The Race Track

Along with my colleague, Bobby Wright, we three examined several different materials for the track itself keeping in mind…

  • How to anchor it to the asphalt as well as itself
  • Ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  • Color
  • Durability
  • How that material would interact with the cars.

We considered everything from PCV pipe to pressure treated lumber. Making several visits to suppliers, we came across solid PVC 2×2. We decided that it would be the best candidate given that it is extremely strong and durable but flexible. Further, it can be cut, glued, drilled, and anchored into the ground. We beveled the top corners to 30 degrees in order to soften the impact should car come in contact with it.

This was a bit easier since the obvious choice is some type of fencing. However, we not only considered color, durability and maintenance, but had to take into the account the size of the spaces or holes in the fence. It had to be large enough to allow air and viewing aspects but small enough that tires would not get hung up. Also, the walls needed to be extremely strong while flexible. Small lattice PVC was the choice. Where the fence material meets the ground, we decided to add a round PVC pumber bar.

The Function of the Walls:

  • To keep cars from getting caught between the fence and asphalt
  • Act as a bumper for cars at glancing angles

The potential downside has yet to be revealed. There is a chance that the PVC will greatly contract and expand due to heat and cold. We researched average highs and lows in middle TN and installed/anchored the track as close to the medium temp as we could. So far, those who have used the track in competition as well as those recreationally, have given the track all thumbs up!! In closing, we installed “gates” or track that can be easily laid in order to change the track from perimeter racing to tactical.” – Wes Taylor

Hobby Lobby's New R/C Race Track

Hobby Lobby's New R/C Race Track

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