Music City Championship: The R/C Event In Your Backyard

It has been exhilarating to watch as R/C events have begun to grow in public awareness and participation. For something that has been around for many years, it seems like a well kept secret that’s been dying to get out. An event such as the Music City Championship, which brings together a group of 50+ R/C competitors and spectators, shows the growing enthusiasm that brings new participants to the R/C Sporting community.

As competitors make a name for themselves in the R/C world, they also contribute greatly to making a name for R/C as a sport. One such competitor is Eric Anderson, who placed 3rd at ROAR Electric Off-road Nationals, as well as winning at the Music City Championship last year. Bobby Mills, an artisan of R/C cars and an employee at Hobby Lobby International, enjoys showing off the beauty of the vehicles he races. For the last two years, his cars have been recognized for their exceptional detail and craftsmanship. People are excited to see what Bobby has in store for them this year.

R/C competitions do not receive a great deal of financial backing, making it hard to get the word out about these fantastic events like the Music City Championship, or great locations available to racers, such as the Thunder R/C track. This is why it takes large events and enthusiastic companies such as Hobby Lobby to make a big splash and spread the joy of their sport as far as they can reach.

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