Grippin’ It & Rippin’ It, HLI Style

If you haven’t already heard about the new dirt track that is going to be opening up early this fall at Hobby Lobby, then you seriously need to come and check it out! This new addition to the Hobby Lobby location was constructed with the hard work and close supervision of expert motor cross dirt track builder, Rob Elkins, and is sure to be another of HLI’s crowd pleasers once word gets out!

The new oval short course dirt tracks are considered soon-to-be favorites amongst back yard bashers who have had a look at the setup put together by this Brentwood, Tennessee resident. Elkins himself is known for the stable of Traxxas trucks he owns and he understands what R/C’ers are looking for in a dirt track. Thanks to his dedication to this quality-built track and Hobby Lobby’s dedication to their customers, hobbyists looking for a prime place to tear things up now have a place to play hard and show what they (and their R/C’s) are made of.

If this seems like something you might be interested in, you don’t have to be a serious hobbyist with a super modified R/C to join in on the fun. There are Traxxas Trucks for rent by the hour at the track for all those wanting to just pop in for a day of gripin’ it and rippin’ it!

If you are interested in checking this out a little more and hear what some people are saying, you can also check out our forum.

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