Fun With Scale R/C

There are a lot of people I know that like to take their full-size Jeeps or big-lifted GMC’s romping around, off-roading. What is funny is the reactions I get when I introduce those same people into scale rigs. Their eyes light up and they get all excited. There is an amazing array of events and competitions that you can participate in.  All the things they do with their big toys they can do with models and show them off to other people doing the same stuff. The models appear to have become an extension of their own personality.

It can be pretty challenging when you consider all of the rules you need to follow if you are wanting to participate in scale rig events. For instance, a big part of the challenge comes from trying to make your rig capable of off-roading, yet staying true to the model of vehicle you are mimicking. It can’t just be something you build from parts to try to make it dominate off-road. It has to be built in the likeness of a true vehicle. In fact, when it comes to some of the competitions, you can actually get bonus points for the level of details on your rig, like a little model cooler in the back, or a working winch. People go all out for these little rigs.

If you are wanting to check out the “official” rules from The National Radio Control Truck Pulling (and Monster truck racing) Association, check out this site: NRCA

This event has all kinds of info, and even has a link to the 20th Annual World Championships, including an entry form for those who feel like diving into this headfirst.

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